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We all took Luke sledding for the first time the other day. There was a lot of fresh powder so we got a little spray in our faces – (*there was a bit of crying).

Anyway despite the tears we had good time and we even got Mom on the sled.

February 6, 2010   No Comments

DAREDEVIL sledding?

Dad and I got out the sled this week and hit the slopes. Mom told Dad it was not a good idea to encourage “Daredevil behavior”. Mom you worry too much, but we love you.

January 28, 2008   No Comments

Xtreme Sports!

Today Dad and I bought a sled and went sledding for the first time. I totally loved it! Mom was worried that I was too little but I could not get enough. Every time we got to the bottom of the hill I would say “more, more”.

January 25, 2007   No Comments