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The Skeleton and The Wicked Witch!

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November 12, 2012   No Comments

Big HUGE Fall Update.

It’s been too long since we updated this blog, so here we go. In September Megan started 2nd grade and Luke started Pre-K. Later in the month Luke and Dad went down to Worthington for Turkey Day and hit the pumpkin patch. We met a kitty and got plenty of good gourds. Megan and Mom stayed home for a Girl’s Weekend of course. In early October we both ran in the pre-TC Marathon family events. Megan and Mom ran the mile and Luke and Grandma Haas ran the 1/2 mile. Finally as Halloween approached we went to the Zoo Boo at Como Zoo and took in another Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota bowling party. Phew…

November 1, 2012   No Comments

Trick or Treat weekend!

We had a great Halloween weekend! We went to a Food Allergy Support Group of Minnesota bowling party on Saturday. On Halloween Velma & Spiderman carved jack-o-lanterns and did a lot of trick or treating!

November 1, 2011   1 Comment

Wicked Witch and the Dark Knight.

We had another great Halloween! Megan designed the pumpkins, Dad carved them and Luke was grossed out by the innards. We did a lot of trick or treating and got a ton of candy (some of it gluten free).


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November 1, 2010   No Comments

Luke ♥’s Halloween.

October 10, 2010   No Comments

Trick Or Treat!

We had a great Halloween! We carved a few Jack O’ Lanterns and did some trick or treating around the neighborhood. Luke went as Chewbacca this year and Megan went with the reliable black kitty costume.

November 1, 2009   No Comments

Not my Halloween costume Part 2.

Our parents enjoy humiliating us. My Dad wore this costume for Halloween when he was a kid. I obviously hate it.

October 23, 2009   No Comments

Candy Night!

You may know this holiday by it’s other name, Halloween. My Grandparents came to visit and we carved up our home-grown pumpkins and did some serious trick or treating. Grandpa and Grandma even got dressed up in costumes. Yoda (Luke) was in bed before the trick or treating started. Poor Luke, there’s always next year.

November 2, 2008   No Comments

Boo Bash!

We had a little pre-Halloween fun today at the Grand Avenue “Boo Bash”. Megan wore her kitty outfit from last year and Luke wore his Yoda costume.

October 25, 2008   No Comments

The joys of trick or treating!

Last year I was a little sketchy on the whole trick or treating business, but this year I totally get it. I went as a kitty and got a bunch of candy. I enjoyed handing it out as well. What a night! Dad and I also carved pumkins, including the one I grew.

November 1, 2007   No Comments