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Category — Brent

The Bunny and playhouse cometh.

Grandma Pauline and Uncle Brent came for a visit this Easter weekend and we had a great time. The Easter Bunny brought us some excellent baskets filled with toys and candy. However the highlight of the weekend was Dad and Brent finally assembling our new play house – it’s truly awesome!

April 25, 2011   1 Comment

Brent’s surprise visit.

My Uncle Brent came for a surprise visit this weekend. We had a lot of fun and it was great to see him.

August 18, 2008   No Comments

Holiday 2007 Round-Up/Wrap-Up

At Christmas time Grandma Pauline came for a visit. We had a great Christmas together. Santa came and left me some great stuff including a new dollhouse! The next week my Uncle Brent came to visit. It was so nice to see him and he had the pleasure of giving me a bath and reading me a bunch of books (surely the highlight of his holiday trip). Finally I went down to Worthington to see all the Brooks’ side of the family for one last Chrsitmas bash. I got to stop and see the Jolly Green Giant on the trip down. It was fun, but I think I’m now officially tired of Christmas for this year.

January 7, 2008   No Comments

Uncle Brent visit.

Yesterday my Uncle Brent came for a quick visit. I showed him the cool gnome door in the neighborhood and he read me some books.

August 6, 2007   No Comments

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Grandma Pauline and Uncle Brent visited us for Easter. I had three Easter dresses, so hard to decide what to wear.

April 19, 2006   No Comments