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Posts from — October 2008

Boo Bash!

We had a little pre-Halloween fun today at the Grand Avenue “Boo Bash”. Megan wore her kitty outfit from last year and Luke wore his Yoda costume.

October 25, 2008   No Comments

Introducing HELMET BOY!

Luke got his CranioCap helmet today. He has to wear it for a few months to correct a flat spot on the back of his head. He seems to like it just fine and it’s fun for Megan to drum on it like a bongo. In case you’re wondering Luke has Plagiocephaly and Torticollis. (Not as scary as it sounds).

October 15, 2008   No Comments

Haircut and harvest.

Luke had his first haircut the other day and there were tears. On a happier note Megan’s 2008 pumpkin harvest was a big improvement over last year.

October 1, 2008   No Comments