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Posts from — July 2008

Cousins and puddles.

This week our cousins Colleen and Michael Wilson came to visit. Nice photo, huh? Also I got a chance to try out my cool rain boots!

July 18, 2008   No Comments

My first Princess Tea Party.

I had my first Princess Tea Party today…against my will. Isn’t this the sort of thing that Dad is supposed to save me from?

July 13, 2008   No Comments

My new friend Claire.

I had my new friend Claire over for a pool (and chocolate chip banana bread) party. It was fun until we got dangerously close to our nap time.

July 6, 2008   No Comments

Minnesota-style fireworks.

We celebrated Independence Day with some pretty weak fireworks from Target. There were a few exciting moments. Here is our 2006 4th of July post and a bonus picture of Luke laughing at Mom.

July 5, 2008   No Comments

Our new cousin.

We have a new cousin – Nathan Brooks Haas. We can’t wait to see him. Welcome to the family!

Here are a few bonus shots of Megan’s sidewalk art and Luke’s reaction to Dad the other night.

July 3, 2008   No Comments