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Posts from — September 2007

A most sincere pumpkin patch.

Dad said that he thought he’d wake up one morning to find the entire house wrapped with pumpkin vines. Okay, this pumpkin experiment got a little out of hand, but we grew at least one perfectly round, orange pumpkin. I’m so proud!

September 29, 2007   No Comments


Mom say’s that I have an expression of joy on my face the entire time we’re at swimming lessons. Hey it’s fun!

September 27, 2007   No Comments

Happy Birthday "Baby Ma’ry"!

My cousin “baby Ma’ry” (Mallory) turned 1 this weekend. She had a great party and I got to help her out with her cake!

September 17, 2007   No Comments

Grandma, goats and grapes (and apples).

Grandma Pauline is visiting this weekend. We went out to an apple orchard/vineyard. I got to pick apples all by myself and feed some goats. It was pretty cool.

September 8, 2007   No Comments