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Posts from — January 2007

Cold day at the MN Zoo.

Today we all went to the MN Zoo for the first time. I’ve been to Como Zoo many times, so it was fun to see something new. I really loved the fish and the tropical exhibit. We rode the monorail and I had a total temper tantrum when Mom would not let me have my crackers (we were not supposed to have food in the cars, but I eventually got my way).

January 27, 2007   No Comments

Xtreme Sports!

Today Dad and I bought a sled and went sledding for the first time. I totally loved it! Mom was worried that I was too little but I could not get enough. Every time we got to the bottom of the hill I would say “more, more”.

January 25, 2007   No Comments

I AM 2!

For my birthday I got a cool new kitchen, a Corduroy doll and some big fluffy slippers. It was a very succesful birthday.

January 11, 2007   No Comments

Weekend guests YAY!

What a great weekend! On Friday my 2nd cousin George came over and we ran wild. Then my Grandpa and Grandma Haas came for the weekend. They brought me early birthday gifts, a cake and they took me to the zoo!

January 7, 2007   No Comments

Hanging out & cleaning up.

I like to hang out with my good friend Chewie. Tonight I had a HUGE bubble bath. At one point I had a bubble beard and bubble mohawk!

January 4, 2007   No Comments