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Posts from — November 2006

Thanksgiving in Worthington

For Thanksgiving I went to see my Grandparents in Worthington. They have an awesome clock that chimes every 15 minutes. Every time it went I had to say “clock”. It was great! Having Grandpa Haas look at my teeth however, was definitely NOT awesome

November 27, 2006   No Comments

The Children’s Museum is AWESOME!

I went to the MN Children’s Museum with my Mom and Baba (Grandma Pauline) this weekend…and I LOVED it!

November 21, 2006   No Comments

Hopped up on M&M’s!

Last night was my second-ever Halloween! I went trick or treating last night for the first time. I also had M&M’s for the first time. It was quite a historic night!

November 1, 2006   No Comments