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Posts from — September 2006

Grandma, the zoo and Bananas Gorilla!

My Grandma Pauline was here this weekend. I took her to the zoo and we had a great time! Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Bananas Gorilla. So imagine how excited I was to meet him.

September 25, 2006   No Comments

Turkey Day = FUN

We went to Turkey Day last weekend to see Grandpa and Grandma. It may seem like a lot of fun to sit in a stroller during the 10K race, but it’s actually REALLY boring.

September 24, 2006   No Comments

Mallory Jane Haas

Hey I have a new cousin named Mallory Jane. She was born just today and I went out to see her and give her a first “pat pat”.

September 15, 2006   No Comments

Free stuff rules!

I got a new (used) slide, fire engine and picnic table. It was like Christmas in September! Thanks Matt!

September 5, 2006   No Comments