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Posts from — May 2006

A good day for a dip in the pool.

It was over 90 degrees today, so we decided to fill up my pool and take a swim. Last year I hated the pool, but after a cautious start, I totally loved it!

May 29, 2006   No Comments

Happy (belated) Birthday Chewie!

It was Chewie’s birthday yesterday. I know it hasn’t always been easy having a new lil’ sister around, but we still love you!

May 18, 2006   No Comments

What a difference…

…one year and one week can make.

May 13, 2006   No Comments

A classic movie!

May 12, 2006   No Comments

Indoor camping.

I was an REI member at birth. What do you expect?

May 11, 2006   No Comments

The Twins stunk earlier this year…

…and it’s made me cry – see.

May 9, 2006   No Comments

When I paint my masterpiece.

The future artist with her crayons and stickers.

May 5, 2006   No Comments